Guitar lessons can be a bit of a mystery so I will attempt to give a better idea of what happens in a typical 30 minute lesson:

1. Students come in and get warmed up with a few finger stretches and exercises to get loosened up.  Guitar playing is actually more physical than one would think, and proper warmups are a key to success so we always spend 1 - 5 minutes on these.

2. Technical exercises and/or ear training: The student will have a variety of different things in this category, these could be chords progressions, chord exercises, melodies, learning melodies by ear.  More often than not we will do exercises with rhythm because it is a major component of all styles of music and can be transferred to other instruments.  This usually takes anywhere from 5 - 10 minutes and is always progressively built on the previous weeks exercises, and also will directly influence the songs we will learn.

3. Songs or Repertoire: At least half of each lesson is dedicated to playing music, because that's what its all about!  For the first year of lessons if you are a new guitar player the teacher will often provide the bulk of the songs we will play to help complement the technical ability of the student.  These could be single note melodies for awhile and later on strumming chords.  Students are always encouraged to bring in song suggestions but be prepared for some of those songs to be more challenging than they sound!  Keep in mind most music you hear on guitar is played by a professional or very experienced guitar player, and you may spend years trying to get where you would like to be.  That said, with dedication and consistency you can also surprise yourself with your own progress, so keep it up!  The songs will usually fill out the remainder of the lesson until its time to go home.

This reflects a typical lesson, but with most things in life they will be fluid and the more advanced the student becomes more variety in the shape of lessons will occur.  And always remember to ask questions if you are not sure of the lesson notes or what the student should be doing at home!