Oakwood Guitar School Rates and Policies

30 Minute Lessons: $31.00 per lesson (weekly).
60 Minute Lessons: $60.00 per lesson (weekly).

Casual/Drop-in Lesson Rates (for students who cannot commit weekly)

30 Minute Lessons: $46.50 per lesson.
60 Minute Lessons: $90.00 per lesson.

Some really important information!

- Lessons must be canceled or re-scheduled 24 hours in advance or you will be charged in full for that lesson!  This includes cancellation due to illness.

- If cancellations with no makeup lesson exceed two lessons a month you will be charged the casual lesson rate which will be applied to the next billing cycle.

*Please contact if you have any questions about scheduling or rates.*

More detailed information:


- A specific time slot and day will be assigned to each student, the student must attend an average of three lessons per month to ensure their time slot (excluding teacher absences).
- If a student cannot make their regular time slot, they may re-schedule on a case by case basis.
- Rescheduling and cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance or the student will be charged for that lesson.
- The teacher reserves the right to re-schedule lessons with 24 hours notice, but will usually give more notice.  If no makeup lesson can be arranged then alternate arrangements can be made between the teacher and the student.
- The teacher reserves the right to provide a qualified substitute in case of absence.

Invoicing and Payment:

- Oakwood Guitar School sends an automatic invoice on the last day of each month for lessons to be paid for the following month.  Payment is due by the 15th of the month.  Please contact directly if you notice any discrepancies in your invoice.
- Payment can be made by personal cheque or online through the student portal.  Please contact us if you haven't received a login name and password.

Referral, Travel fees, Termination

Lesson Referral Bonus: Any student who directly refers another student who enrols at Oakwood Guitar School will receive a credit for one 30 minute lesson ($27.50) on their next invoice.

Travel Fees: Oakwood Guitar School can provide in home guitar lessons for an additional travel fee and within other scheduling restrictions.  The rates are as follows:

Within 3KM of Oakwood Guitar School: $20.00 fee per lesson
Within 6KM of Oakwood Guitar School: $40.00 fee per lesson

Lesson Termination: Lessons must be terminated with 30-days notice, any paid lessons will be honoured or they may be forfeited by the student.  No refunds will be made for unused lessons.